Here’s an update from the Washington State Department of Transportation on the North Spokane Corridor:

We’re still on track for a fall 2011 opening of the next portion of the NSC . This will be a four-lane segment from Farwell Road to the existing US 395 at Wandermere. When it opens, the drivable NSC will extend from Francis up to Wandermere— over 5 ½ miles of the NSC will be useable.

Right now we are seeing about 4,000 vehicles per day using the Francis to Farwell segment that opened last August. We expect those numbers to climb substantially next year when the Farwell to US 395 section and the NSC/US 2 interchange open next year. Another factor that could boost NSC use will be the completion of the railroad overpass on Freya Street between Sprague Avenue and Trent Avenue. Through traffic on Freya has been detoured over to Fancher since early August and that might be affecting vehicle volumes further north. That City of Spokane job should wrap up later in 2010.

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