I have a request for the transportation professionals who read this blog, or for those who just keep informed with local transportation issues or happenings. The “Advancing Women in Transportation” (WTS) Spokane-Coeur d’Alene Chapter, wants to recognize the people in our area who make a difference when it comes to transportation. They are seeking nomations for the  2017 “Best of the Best in the Inland Northwest” Recognition Awards. There are categories like “Woman of the Year,” “Employer of the Year,” and “Project of the Year.”

If you have ideas for any of these- and there are a few other categories as well- there is an online nomination form here.

Please take the time to recognize someone who has made a difference for the area. Because while transportation is in the background a lot of the time, and no one thinks about it until they are stuck in traffic or their bus is late, everyone has to get around somehow.

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