The poster says he’s accused of  ‘having a big heart’ but around here we suspect the boss was picked up for jaywalking. Yep, that’s the man in charge at SRTC, Mr. Kevin Wallace. He has graciously agreed to take part in the Muscular Dystrophy Association fund raiser that puts local folks ‘behind bars’ to raise funds to fight muscle diseases.

If he doesn’t raise $2500 by August 16, Kevin goes to the big house. And frankly, our staff is concerned that Kevin isn’t cut out for life behind bars, what with that baby face and all.
Normally, we’d ask you NOT to contribute to the boss’ bail so we can continue to wear shorts around the office and finish every sentence with “dude,” but because it’s for a good cause, we’re good with it this time.

Please consider donating, not just for Kevin, but for the kids. Here’s a link to his personal MDA website, where you can get more information and donate whatever you can afford. Our office collection so far has come up with $13 and one IOU, so we challenge you to at least double that. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. And don’t worry about Kevin, the ‘jail’ in this case is actually the Davenport Hotel so we’re not feeling too bad for him.

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