I spent a large part of the summer talking to groups and people at community events about our new ArcGIS Online interactive maps. So you may have already heard that we’re making all of our maps into versions that are posted on the internet and allow you to manipulate them to find information you need. If you haven’t tried them out already, you should, they’re pretty cool. 

When I say they’re interactive, I mean you can zoom in to areas of the map, click on items for more information, embed the maps in your own blog or website and even make your own maps. So check it out. And just today we have three new maps to play with. Here’s what’s been posted recently:
ThumbnailTransportation Improvement Program (TIP) projects– The TIP is a document of projects planned to be completed or constructed in Spokane County in the next four years. The TIP is updated every year with new projects. This map shows all the projects included in the 2015-2018 TIP and you can click on each for a detailed project description.
ThumbnailFederal Functional Classification (FFC)- Functional classification is the grouping of highways, roads and streets by the character of service they provide and was developed for transportation planning purposes. This map shows which roads in Spokane County are highways, freeways, arterials, etc.
Freight and Goods Transportation System (FGTS)- classifies state highways, county roads and city streets according to the average annual gross truck tonnage they carry. 
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