This apartment building previously
blocked the road from going through.

Spokane Valley has a new east-west route between Pines Road and Mirabeau Parkway. The project to extend Mansfield eastward from
Houk to where it resumed just west of Discovery Place and CenterPlace Regional
Center wrapped up October 5.

The entire length of Mansfield between Pines and Mirabeau Parkway is now a
three-lane roadway, with one lane in each direction and a center turn
lane.  There are also bike lanes on each side of the roadway eastward from
Cherry Lane, as well as newly added and/or upgraded sections of sidewalk. 

Because the connection changes the classification to a “collector”
roadway, the speed limit on Mansfield between Pines and Mirabeau Parkway is now
35 miles per hour.  Since it is primarily a residential area, please observe the speed limit and be alert for pedestrians,
bicyclists, and vehicles entering the roadway from driveways and side streets.
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