The Washington State Department
of Transportation is implementing a pilot project  on Snoqualmie Pass that could keep you safer and things moving smoother on the pass.

The new system will be used throughout the winter when traction tires are
required on trucks over 10,000 pounds.

Recent improvements to I-90
nearly doubled the length and width of the existing chain-up area. Overhead message
signs help guide trucks in the chain-up area, streamlining the process and
helping improve safety for all drivers on I-90.

When chains are required, overhead signs will direct trucks to the chain-up area and notify trucks
where a chain-up space is available.Double parking will not be allowed with the new system; trucks will chain up in a
single-file line. Truckers will be allowed to park
for 30 minutes while chaining up and will not be allowed to park in the chain
up area to wait out the storm.

WSDOT believes this is the first
time engineers have used Intelligent Transportation Systems to actively
organize the chain-up process. If successful, this pilot project may be
expanded to other areas in the I-90 corridor and across the state.

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