Mark your calendars for an open house next week hosted by the City of Spokane Valley to learn about a project to connect Mansfield Avenue from Pines Road to Mirabeau Parkway. The open house is Wednesday, January 15, from 5-7 p.m. at CenterPlace Regional Event Center.

The project is planned for construction in 2014, and will extend Mansfield about 300 feet eastward from where it currently ends just east of Houk. When completed, you will be able to travel between Pines and Mirabeau without having to detour via Indiana Avenue or Mirabeau Parkway.

In addition to constructing the new section of roadway, the project includes the addition of a center turn lane between Pines and Houk, bike lanes, sidewalk upgrades to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards, and stormwater drainage improvements.

Funding for the estimated $1.9 million project is provided by the Federal Highway Administration, Washington State Transportation Improvement Board, a local developer, and the City of Spokane Valley.

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