Tomorrow is international PARK(ing) Day, an event to celebrate urban design by allowing “pop-up

parks” to be built temporarily in city parking spaces. It’s intended to raise awareness about important issues
like creating walkable, livable, healthy cities and helps people re-think how
streets can be used.

The picture is from a couple years ago when Futurewise
staked out a parking space in front of their building and set up shop- er- park for a little bit of urban greenery in downtown Spokane. I love it that there park even involves an urban deer.

Traditionally, Spokane has had very few participants in PARK(ing) Day but this year I received a news release that Spokane members of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) will be installing a “mini park” in a parking stall downtown adjacent to the Main Street entrance to River Park Square, so stop by and check it out. 
And if you’re really into it,  ASLA representatives will be available to
discuss what landscape architecture is, what Landscape Architects do, and the
many roles Landscape Architects play in our region.

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