More than $140 million in new and continuing transportation-related construction projects are slated for 2014 across Spokane County, which is pretty much the same amount as last year.

The Journal of Business has a roundup of each jurisdictions major projects for the year, and even included a mention of our famous (just let me have my delusions please) Horizon 2040 plan.

The article is here. And keep checking this blog because we’re going to be releasing our new and improved, more cool than ever, interactive Spokane Regional Road Construction Map soon! This year you can view it on your phone or handheld device (not while driving of course!) and you can play with it to zoom in to your particular neighborhood or the route you drive to work to see smaller neighborhood-level projects we couldn’t put on the map in the past. Plus it will have pictures and web links embedded in it. This is exciting stuff for a transportation geek like myself so you have to at least humor me and check it out when it’s ready. I’ll keep you updated.

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