Most construction work will be suspended by noon on Friday,
May 27th  through Monday, May 30th in anticipation
of increased holiday traffic. 
North Spokane
Corridor-Southbound near Gerlach Rd./Sign Bridge Repair- 
Through tomorrow, Friday, May 27, southbound NSC
will be reduced to one lane for repairs.

Division Street Bridge Work- WSDOT will close the right lane of the Division Street Bridge in the 500 block of north Division for repairs.


Parkway from Desmet Court to Steen Parkway
– Closed through June 16 for
utility work. Signs redirect traffic via Mission Parkway.

Southbound Sullivan Road Bridge- Closed until Summer 2016 for bridge replacement. Traffic is reduced to one lane northbound and two lanes southbound. Southbound Sullivan
Road at Flora Pit Road will be reduced to one lane on Wednesday, June 1 and
Thursday, June 2 from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Turns from Indiana
Avenue onto northbound Sullivan Road are reduced to one lane.

School Zones- School
is nearly out for the summer.  Slow down around parks,
pools and libraries as speed limits are reduced for the
summer. The City Street Department will be installing 20 MPH signs towards the
end of May/first of June at the following parks and playgrounds: Cannon,
Chief Gary, Mission, Shadle, Audubon, Comstock Park and Pool, Hays, and Lincoln.  

Addison/Standard Bicycle/Pedestrian Corridor from Buckeye To Holland-  Striping work from Lincoln to Bridgeport on Addison and
Standard is underway, as well as sign installation. Work is on
Lincoln and Standard heading north to Magnesium. This
project will complete a major bicycle and pedestrian corridor.  It will
add new bike lanes and sidewalks along the entire corridor and make
improvements to existing bike lanes.
Bridge Avenue and Monroe Street CSO Work- Rock blasting continues and will be ongoing for the next two
to four weeks.  Due to the nature of this work, cars and pedestrians will
be stopped from entering near the excavation location for up to 10
minutes. Bridge
Avenue is closed.  Lincoln has one northbound lane open. Lincoln
southbound is closed at Broadway. This
project will construct a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and the
necessary piping for our Cleaner River Faster Program.

Havana Street Improvements from Glenrose Road to 37th Avenue- Havana is expected to open Friday, May 27. Improvements include full width pavement replacement, complete
sidewalk gaps and pilot project porous asphalt bicycle lanes.  
Hayford Road Grind and Overlay- Grinding from 49th Avenue to just north of Thorpe Road has left the roadway with sharp edges and uneven
surfaces. Hayford is closed with a
detour in place. The street is open to local traffic evenings and Friday through
Indiana Avenue from Dakota to Perry Street- Pre-construction work is underway along this project. 
Indiana has temporary closures at times with a marked detour. This
project includes curb ramps, storm swales, new curb, waterline replacement,
signal installation work and some parking removal.

Monroe and Lincoln Street, Main Avenue to 2nd Avenue-Work begins on this phase of the Lincoln Monroe Project Tuesday, May 31. This is a full depth roadway replacement and
full depth replacement between curbs on Lincoln Street and Monroe Street; Main
Avenue from Monroe Street to Lincoln Street; and Monroe Street from Spokane
Falls Boulevard to Main Avenue. Some minor curbing and ADA curb ramps will be
installed where necessary.
31 – June 3-
work will occur with lane restrictions for traffic on Sprague, 1st
Avenue and Riverside
Week of June 6– Monroe will be down to one lane for water
infrastructure work at the intersections of Sprague, 1st Avenue and
Riverside.  A detour will be in
place. The  work should last approximately two weeks. Lincoln will remain open. Once the work in Monroe is complete,
crews will begin work in Lincoln. East/west traffic will have
lane restrictions. Lincoln
will be down to one lane when Monroe is
complete for similar waterline work in the same intersections of Sprague, 1st
Avenue and Riverside.
Northwest Boulevard and Columbia Circle Consolidated Sewer Overflow Tank-   Construction
of catch basins and drywells in the following intersections has begun: at Wellington and Cora (both Coras), Park Blvd. and Cora, and Sheridan Court and Cora. The
project includes the installation of a 900,000 gallon tank. New water
mains will be added at H Street, Glass Avenue and Columbia Circle these lines
will be connected to the new main along Columbia Circle. Columbia Circle, H
Street and Glass Avenue will be repaved and sidewalk repairs will happen in select
areas. Many driveways will be replaced to match the new street grade. 

Pettet Drive/TJ Meenach Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO 12) Project- This project will build a 690,000 gallon storage facility and connections to existing CSO Basin 10 outfall.  Work also includes repaving of Pettet Drive and pedestrian/bike trail construction. Pettet Drive is closed to traffic until at least November. The clover leaf that services TJ
Meenach, Down River and Pettit Drive (three out of the four legs) is open. The leg that comes off of Pettit,
north bound will re-direct citizens to Northwest Blvd. Vehicles traveling
southbound on Down River Drive will have two options; enter onto TJ Meenach or  continue under the bridge and turn
uphill to Northwest Blvd.
Rowan Avenue Improvements from Driscoll Boulevard to Monroe Street- Rowan Avenue from Alberta to Monroe
Street is closed and will remain closed to thru traffic for the duration of the
project.  The
intersection of Alberta, Belt, Ash, and Maple will remain open to north and
southbound traffic. Ash southbound, and Maple northbound at Rowan are currently
reduced to one lane southbound or northbound respectively, and will remain
throughout the duration of the project. May 31st
the intersection of Rowan and Alberta will reopen indefinitely, at which time
the intersection of Belt and Rowan will be closed for the duration of the
project. Alberta is the northbound/southbound detour during this closure. This
project is for reconstruction work from Driscoll Blvd. to Monroe Street. The
project also includes installation of bike lanes, filling sidewalk gaps and
replacing water lines.
Wellesley Freya Utility Work for Future Roundabout- Water
and sewer work is underway and is expected to continue through the end of
July.  This work is in preparation for a future roundabout being installed
by WSDOT. Wellesley is closed from Market
to Rebecca. Freya is closed from Broad to

Market Street from Parksmith to Farwell Roads- The road is closed with a marked detour to install sewer and fiber optics and reconstruct the roadway.

Seven Mile Bridge and Seven Mile Road- Bridge is closed for replacement with a temporary crossing immediately upstream and to the south.

Hawthorne Road West from Waikiki to US 395- Starting this week, this project will reconstruct the roadway, add stormwater drainage swales, trees, irrigation, curbing and a bike lane.

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