For more information on all the projects below, and to see them in relation to each 
other on a map, check out SRTC’s 2015 Spokane Regional Construction Map here. The map is updated as new projects start and existing ones wrap up.

You may notice that projects underway now are more prominent while ones that will start later this construction season are more in the background.


32nd and Collins- Narrowed lanes from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. through late October. A pedestrian detour is posted for students arriving and departing from University High School.
Argonne and Valleyway- Lane reductions on Argonne and a
portion of Valleyway at Argonne from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. through late
October. Pedestrians are redirected to use the existing crosswalk on the
north side of the intersection.
Carnahan Hill- Reduced lanes with signage and flaggers
beginning Monday, October 19 from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. until Tuesday, October
Cataldo and Willow- Reduced lanes with signage and flaggers
on Tuesday, October 20 from 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
Indiana at Spokane Valley Mall Entrance #2 – Reduced to one lane in
each direction on weekdays from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. until late October.
At least one lane will remain open at all times and access to the mall will
remain available.
Mullan and Valleyway – Lane reductions on Mullan and a portion of
Valleyway at Mullan from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. until late
October. Pedestrians will be redirected to use the existing crosswalk on
the north side of the intersection. 
The southbound
Sullivan Road Bridge across the Spokane River is closed until Summer 2016 for
bridge demolition and replacement work. 
Traffic remains reduced to one lane northbound and two lanes southbound. 
Expect reductions at
times to one lane southbound Monday through Friday between 5 a.m.- 2:30
Turns from Indiana
onto northbound Sullivan are reduced to one lane.
Expect construction
vehicles and flaggers in the work area weekdays from 7 a.m.-6 p.m.
Old Trail/Inland Road Paving- The road opened Saturday. Items like guardrail installation and striping are being finished up.
Elliot Road Culvert Replacement- Highway 206 is reduced to one lane at the interesection with Elliot Road in order to replace a culvert under the highway that will make fish passage easier. 
Ladd Road– Under construction half a mile north of Thorpe Road. Watch for flaggers.
Cheney-Spokane Road Closures- Scribner Road will be closed at it’s intersection with Cheney-Spokane Road on Wednesday, Oct. 21. Marshall Road will be closed at it’s intersection with Cheney-Spokane Road on Thursday, Oct. 22.
Indiana Avenue from Division Street to Perry Street– This project to reconstruct the roadway is substantially complete. Indiana from Ruby to Dakota will open on Tuesday, Oct. 20. This roadway will now have one lane in each direction and bike lanes on both sides.

Division Street Triangle- Work to beautify the median is expected to be complete by Oct. 22. The right lane heading west on Spokane Falls Boulevard is closed until then. 

Monroe/Lincoln Street Couplet, 4th Avenue to 2nd Avenue- 4th Avenue is open with one-lane access between Jefferson Street and Lincoln Street. The
Lincoln Street work northbound has switched over with the east side lanes being
closed for work at this time from 2nd to 4th
Avenues.  Monroe Street work southbound continues along the east side from
2nd to 4th Avenues. The project includes reconstruction of the
street from 2nd to 4th Avenues and will replace the
asphalt surfacing, including ADA ramps as needed.
Addison/Standard Bicycle/Pedestrian Corridor from Buckeye to Holland- Possible lane restrictions.  This is
approximately a 5 week project. This project will complete a major bicycle
and pedestrian corridor.  It will install missing bike lanes and sidewalks
along the entire corridor and make improvements to existing bike lanes.
Ray/Thor Street from 17th to 29th Avenue- Ray Street is reduced to one lane in both directions on the west half of the street with work being done
on the east half of the street. No left
hand turns permitted. Improvements include preservation
treatments like include crack sealing and grind and overlay. Pedestrian improvements include upgrades to ADA curb
ramps and curb and sidewalk repairs.

Rowan Avenue Improvements- “A” Street
is closed through Friday, September 25 between Wellesley and Francis and includes
work for waterline infrastructure and storm components. This project
is for reconstruction work from Driscoll Blvd. to Monroe Street. The project
also includes installation of bike lanes, filling sidewalk gaps and replacing
water lines.
Erie Street from 1st Avenue to the BNSF Overpass- The south end of Erie is closed for the
installation of a concrete trail crossing through Oct. 22.  Access to Brown Building
Supply will be from Trent Avenue.  Front Avenue is closed east of
Erie. Erie is closed from 1st Avenue to the BNSF
overpass for sewer repairs.  This work will pave the unpaved portion of Erie Street from
1st Avenue to the BNSF overpass, which connects to the future Martin
Luther King Jr. Way alignment.  
First Avenue from Helena to Altamont- This project is a residential grind and overlay pavement preservation project from Crestline to Madelia.  The Street is closed
with local access only. Closure
of 1st Avenue will last through October. The corner of Napa and 1st
will be closed to thru traffic with a detour traffic route provided.  This
project had delays due to an addition of a stormwater system.
Front Avenue Sewer Repair– Improvements include installing a
new sewer main, spot repairs on existing sewer main and lining existing sewer
main with CIPP (cured in place pipe) technology. This project will connect to a
future CSO tank at approximately Crestline Street and Riverside Avenue,
scheduled for 2017.
Hartson Avenue from Altamont Street to Fiske Street- Hartson is closed for a full depth roadway reconstruction and filling sidewalk gaps, replacing curbing where needed and
installing ADA curb ramps. The project will also include replacement of water
High Drive, Bernard Street to Grand Boulevard– This integrated project includes pavement
reconstruction, storm, sewer, swales, and water main replacement from
Bernard Street to Grand Boulevard. Phase Two construction is expected last
through the fall. The road is closed from Bernard Street to
Grand Boulevard. 
Havana Street from Glenrose to 37th– Improvements include full width pavement
replacement, complete sidewalk gaps and bicycle
lanes. This project will also include installation of a water
transmission main between 37th Avenue and the Brown Park reservoirs
at 57th Avenue.
High Drive and Hatch Road- As part of the Combined Sewer Overflow program, this project will construct a storage
facility for CSO Basin 20, with connecting piping, interceptor inlet vault,
flush systems, regulator and controls at 43rd Avenue and Garfield
Street. 43rd Avenue from Scott to Garfield
Street is closed. 

Wall Street Closure– Spokane Falls Boulevard has lane restrictions between Howard and Wall Street.  Traffic control begins at Washington to move traffic towards the north side lanes. The south
left turn lane at Howard Street is open.  This work is part of
the Wall Street Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) project and will include the
installation of a manhole, catch basins, and a clean water drain.  This
work continues through the end of the
month. Wall Street from Main Street to Spokane Falls
Boulevard is closed.  


I-90/Latah Creek Bridge- On Tuesday, Oct. 20, from
about 9 a.m. until as late as 3:30 p.m., westbound I90 will be
reduced to two lanes for bridge inspections. On Wednesday,
Oct. 21, from about 9 a.m. until as late as 3:30 p.m., eastbound I90
will be reduced to lanes.
US 195-Southbound/I-90 to Excelsior Road- Be alert for
southbound US 195 reduced to one lane in multiple work areas for pavement rehabilitation.  A temporary speed
reduction of 45 MPH is in effect for the southbound lanes. 
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