Seven Mile Bridge & Seven Mile Road- Work is underway on the bridge deck. A marked
detour is in place. The speed limit has is reduced to 25 mph.

Hawthorne Road West (Waikiki to US395)- Road reconstruction, installation of stormwater drainage swales, tree planting, irrigation components, curb installation, signal improvement, bike lane installation and striping. The road is completely closed until August 30.

Hawthorne Road East (US395 to US2)- Road reconstruction, stormwater upgrades, curbing, signal, bike lane installation and roadway striping. The road is closed to traffic.

Argonne Road (Spokane River to Wellesley)- Road reconstruction and stormwater system retrofit. Argonne is reduced to one lane in each direction. Expect long delays. Right turns only at Maringo (No cross traffic movements).


from Dishman-Mica to Pines-
rolling closures to all but local traffic eastward from Dishman-Mica to Pines
around the clock Monday, August 15 through Wednesday, August 17. Detours are posted.
between Mission and Boone-
Closed to all
but local traffic through Thursday, August 26 for utility and
access work. Traffic is redirected via Boone, Arc and Mission.

McDonald from Sprague to 16th- Closed to all but local traffic through Friday, September 2 for resurfacing and other improvements.
Intersections at 4th and 8th will be closed with signs
redirecting sidewalk and street traffic.
northbound from Mission to Sprague-
to one lane for about 3 weeks beginning Monday, August 15.

Mission between Lilly and Park –
Closed through August 26th
with signs redirecting traffic via Thierman, Broadway and Park.  
between Nora and Mission –
Expect narrowed
lanes through the end of August. 
Road Bridge Replacement-
Traffic is reduced to one lane northbound
and two lanes southbound. Turns from Indiana onto northbound Sullivan are
reduced to one lane. Left turns from Sullivan onto eastbound Indiana
will be closed for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Southbound traffic headed for Indiana
east of Sullivan will be redirected at Euclid via Barker and Mission.
North Spokane corridor/Wellesley & Freya
Utility company preliminary work prior to contractor construction. Possible shoulder lane
US 2-Division Street/Curb and Sidewalk- Northbound Division Street is
reduced to one or two lanes for curb and sidewalk improvements.  Drivers may experience congestion and
I-90/Westbound Freya
Crews are constructing a new westbound Freya Street off-ramp approximately ¼ mile to the east of the current ramp. Second Avenue is closed between Havana Street and Freya Street with a marked detour in place. 
US 395-Division
Street/Hawthorne Rd. Intersection- 
Intersection improvements and installation of a new traffic signal system. Non-intersection work east and west on Hawthorne Road is a Spokane County project. Hawthorne Road is closed east and west of Division. 
Division Street turn lanes are closed.  All mainline lanes of Division are

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