The Friends of the Centennial Trail group has determined their priorities for 2015, including:

  • Finalize a gap
    completion plan for Argonne Road.
  • Advocate for
    funding and construction plans for the Mission Street gap completion Phases 2 and 3.
  • Create a plan to
    replace the deck surface and repaint the Don Kardong Bridge.
  • Create a
    long-term solution for the Trail gap from Boone to TJ Meenach Bridge that
    provides Class 1 roadway separation.
  • Support the
    Centennial Trail extension construction from Sontag Park to Lake Spokane
    through $20,000 in matching funds from our Trail Builder’s Fund. 
  • Plan, design,
    produce and install new and improved directional and safety signs on the
    Centennial Trail.
  • Keep printed and
    digital maps and Trail posters updated as gaps are completed. 
  • Film a bike
    riding experience of the length of the Centennial Trail, post in on
    YouTube and link it to the FCT website.
  • Create a Centennial Trail impact study, where
    users and types of usage are counted each spring, summer and fall. 
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