Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Car romance cooling

Reference to Dennis Heine’s letter, “Why No Tax on Cyclists?” (March 30), I believe we have to end our “love affair” with the car sooner or later. We cannot forever pave the earth to accommodate roadways, and we don’t want to keep breathing the pollution caused by cars, and we need the exercise, be it cycling or walking.

Spokane’s comprehensive plan states that “For Transportation – Design the city for people, not cars and to link the parts of the community through routes, paths and systems to improve accessibility.”

So, I guess we need to get used to those cyclists and in time, perhaps, our attitudes will change, not just in Spokane, but in all cities – small and large. Many in the Colville area have a “love affair” with large pickups as well as cars.

Trudy Lundy

Have to admit I was kind of surprised to see a letter from Colville telling people to get used to bikes, and quoting Spokane’s Comp Plan. Good for you Trudy. Any other comments?

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