Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Traffic Circle Vetted

To John Yates and others in Spokane who speak without knowledge regarding our neighborhood traffic circle:

The Lyons Avenue and Cincinnati Street traffic circle project began after my husband was struck by a car in 2011. He was a pedestrian crossing this intersection. As a resident, I went to my neighborhood council and received permission to use money from the red light fines to make our residential street a safer, less traffic-used area. The red light funds are not taxpayer money. They come from those who have failed to follow the law.

Next, the traffic circle was unanimously voted for by the people on this street and those nearby. We, the people on Lyons, are happy to see the changes made because this is not an arterial. We were disappointed the engineers created a less-aggressive traffic circle than what we expected. The circle could have been more similar to Seattle’s thousands of residential traffic circles, involving reflectors and a 45-degree-edge curb.

If you would like to travel down a street at speeds greater than 25 mph or avoid a traffic circle, I welcome you to use Francis Avenue, which is an arterial.

Alice Moon
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