A friend was showing me recently how he can operate the jukebox at his favorite Spokane Valley watering hole with his smartphone. He was pretty excited to find that his drinking didn’t have to be interrupted by picking out music.

Well, I was excited to find out that you may be able to find a ride home using the jukebox.  TransitScreen, a global information company, has partnered with TouchTunes Media and Pernod Ricard USA, a spirits and wine company, to add a real-time, local transit display feature to TouchTunes Digital Jukeboxes in over 200 locations around the United States.

TransitScreen appears in the jukebox’s video loop and shows real-time information about nearby trains, subways, buses and taxis as well as ride-hailing options such as Uber or Lyft. Patrons can also select the information directly.

In some cases, liquor brands such as Jameson, Absolut and Malibu, are even sponsoring the TouchTunes Media local transit information program.

So far, Spokane jukeboxes don’t have this option but TransitScreen officials say all 10,000 bars within the TouchTunes network will have TransitScreen functionality in the foreseeable future.

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