We’re calling out other public agencies; what’s the matter Colonel Sanders? Too chicken to take part in Bike To Work Week? Speaking of chicken, this is our BTW spokeschicken. He got the job based solely on his gear, not his credentials. How many chickens do you know that have their own bike helmets?

Anway, Bike To Work Barb (also known as BTW organizer Barb Chamberlain) sent us an email after we registered our team yesterday (Go Cranky Bureaucrats!!) saying that there are only two other teams from public agencies registered so far, and both are from WSDOT. So how about it City of Spokane? Spokane Transit? Spokane County? To quote Barb, ‘It would be great to have a transportation agency Bike To Work cage match.’

We’ll even give you the link to register. Here it is. Go crazy transportation agencies. We’ve got your number.

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