Zoom in to your neighborhood or commute route
to see what projects are planned there.
Road construction projects are starting
up around the area so it’s time to check out the 2015 Spokane Regional Road Construction Map. Every year, SRTC partners with jurisdictions in Spokane County to put all
construction projects that impact traffic on one map. It’s a clearinghouse of
information to help you avoid road construction because delays and traffic jams
cost us all time and money.
Click on a line or point identifying a project
to see a description of it.
The online
map can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is interactive and
lets you zoom in on your neighborhood or commute route, read project
descriptions by clicking on a location, and click on links embedded in the map
to learn more about each project. The Regional Road Construction map is updated
often to reflect progress made, including when new projects start and others
are completed.
You can also click on the logo
to go to that jurisdictions page for more
information on each project.
Using ArcGIS
technology for this map allows SRTC to more actively involve the public in
transportation planning and activities. By reducing the number of vehicles
delayed by road construction, the amount of pollution released into the air is
also reduced, safety is increased through driver awareness of construction
zones, and the impact on the economy caused by time wasted in traffic is
Click the “Share” link to send the map in an email
or embed it in a website or blog.
ArcGIS Online maps also provide more information than
traditional paper maps by allowing users to access additional project
information through links to other websites and allowing users to pass the
information to others by emailing a link to the map or embedding it in a blog
or website.
Check out the
2015 Spokane Regional Road Construction Map by clicking here and see what projects are scheduled for your
Firefox, Safari, Chrome, the latest versions of Internet Explorer
and mobile browsers work the best with ArcGIS Online. 

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