Apparently, a lot of people are interested in a potential new trail for the area, because a public meeting at Millwood City Hall for the Millwood Trail last night had an impressive turnout of enthusiastic people, at least while I was there.

When complete, the trail will traverse three area jurisdictions on former railroad right-of-way- Spokane Valley, Millwood and the City of Spokane. The portion that will cross through Millwood (the agency that hosted the meeting last night, along with a consultant hired to manage Millwood’s portion of the trail) starts at Vista Road, continues across Argonne Road and past the city park and Avista substation to the Trent Avenue overpass.
When connected with sections in other jurisdicitons, the trail will connect Spokane Community College at Green St and continue east of to approximately Woodruff Road and Trent in Spokane Valley.

At the meeting last night, a team working on the project asked people what amenities they would like to see on the trail. Some of the most popular items were lighting, trash cans, restrooms, landscaping and vegetation, and educational signage.

If you have thoughts on this project but didn’t make the meeting, you can still submit comments or talk to project staff. More information on the Millwood Trail and contact information is here.

Planning and design of the trail is underway right now and is expected to continue through June of 2016. Currently construction of the trail is planned for 2017 and 2018 although the phase of the project has no dedicated funding source at this time.

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