SRTC’s Board of Directors yesterday (August 9, 2018) approved a priority list of transportation projects for the Spokane region and is now asking for input from the public on it. The list reflects the values of the region, consistent with  the Guiding Principles in SRTC’s long-range transportation plan, Horizon 2040. It is a short-term list of projects for which the region is actively committed to seeking funds for.

You can view the list here. There is also info there on how to submit your thoughts on it and the deadline to do so. Public comments received, criteria of available funding programs, required geography of those programs, and project timing will all be considered in developing a strategy to fund the projects.

Work toward developing the priority list of projects started with a “call for projects” in March. Local jurisdictions were asked to apply for funds for needed transportation projects and rank their submitted projects in order of importance to their jurisdiction. Approximately $26.2 million in federal funds is available to program over the next four years. Forty-nine project applications were received, totaling over $98 million.

The project applications were scored and ranked by a committee of staff members and members of our Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) and Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). From there, each committee came up with a list of projects to recommend to the Board. Board members adopted a prioritized list and are now asking members of the public for input on it as the work to fund projects begins.

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