I guess I hadn’t realized that new tougher driving under the influence laws in Washington require all offenders, even people arrested on DUI charges for the first time or those who blow just at .08, to install ignition interlock devices on their cars in order to get their drivers license back. And they have to have it in their car for two years, even if they do deferred prosecution.

A Spokane City police officer was fired recently after being arrested for drunk driving because the Police Chief said the device would hamper his job performance, and now the County is wondering how it will deal with a sheriff’s deputy arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Here’s an article in the Spokesman-Review today about the implications of these new, tougher laws.

I’m definetely against drunk driving, but it seems a little extreme to me to require an ignition interlock device for TWO YEARS for someone who goes through deferred prosecution, meaning they pay substantial fines, attend intense (sometimes daily) counseling, attend AA or other meetings, and are closely monitored by the court. Seems to me that that’s enough to scare you straight as I know people who have done this program and said it’s a major phsycological, financial and time strain. But maybe I’m too lax. Anyone?

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