This could have a high impact if you’re not aware of it: the Sprague Avenue and Fancher intersection in Spokane Valley has some closures this Friday, June 27 and
Saturday, June 28:

  • Friday at 12 noon until Saturday at 12 noon – Right turn lane from
    westbound Sprague onto northbound Fancher will be closed for signal
    work.  Signs will redirect westbound Sprague traffic via Thierman,
    Broadway and Fancher.

  • Friday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. – Sprague westbound
    reduced to one lane.

  • Friday from 7 p.m. overnight until Saturday at 12 noon.
    • Sprague westbound
      through-lanes closed.  Left turn at Fancher leading to I-90
      westbound on-ramp will remain open.
    • Sprague Avenue
      eastbound reduced to one lane.
    • Fancher northbound
      reduced to one lane. 

  • Access to businesses will remain available.
  • Signs and/or flaggers will direct traffic through the
    work area.
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