The City of Spokane will hold a second Open House on December 11th at 6 p.m. at Chase Middle School, 4747 E. 37th Ave. to discuss revised improvements to Havana St.and Glenrose Rd.

The proposed project area includes Havana from 37th Ave. to Glenrose and Glenrose from Havana to 57th Ave.

The improvements are part of a larger project to install a water main within the street which will continue south in Glenrose Road beyond the city limits.

Workers will install the new 36-inch water main as well as remove and replace pavement with a thicker section of rock base and asphalt. There will be new curbs for the 32 foot-wide street, storm water facilities, additional sidewalk to fill in gaps, and bike lanes, among other improvements.

The project will be completed in phases starting in the spring of 2015. Here’s more info on the project.

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