Here’s a news release the City of Spokane sent out confirming that SRTC had awarded them with grant funds:

A plan to improve downtown sidewalks has been selected for
funding by the Spokane Regional Transportation Council through a grant that
targets pedestrian improvements.

The Downtown Spokane Core project designs and builds
pedestrian repairs and improvements.  These improvements are intended to
reduce barriers for disabled persons and encourage walking by making the
walking environment safer, more comfortable and enjoyable. These needed
improvements to the downtown pedestrian environment were first identified in
the Downtown Plan update.

Downtown sidewalks were prioritized for replacement because
of their overall condition, their proximity to other planned improvements and
pedestrian heavy areas such as the entertainment district and the STA
plaza.   Sidewalks on Howard were also prioritized because it is a
designated major pedestrian corridor.   The project will also include
new street trees, replacement of damaged street tree grates, installation of
bike racks, planters and garbage cans, minor sidewalk repairs and other
pedestrian improvements throughout the entire Downtown Core.

With the creation of the unified Parking Fund in July of
2013, the City of Spokane now has an ongoing mechanism to fund these types of
grant applications for the downtown pedestrian environment.

The total project cost is: $1,335,600

Funding comes from four parties:


Parking Fund 

Arterial Street Fund 

Downtown Spokane Partnership 

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