Transportation Planners are a hardy bunch. This is Eve, one of our Senior Transportation Planners here at SRTC. I drug Eve out with me for the Spokane Summer Parkways event last night (although we unofficially dubbed it Spokane Winter Parkways) in the Manito/Comstock neighborhood and she was up to the challenge of talking to people in the rain. And she dressed for the occasion, as you can see.

Despite the weather, there were lots of people who showed up to ride their bikes and scooters or just to walk or walk their dogs. One of our other Planners, Mallory, showed up with her new baby Arlo for his first Parways event. There were lots of cool bikes, several of them decorated for the bike decorating contest, warm coffee and ice cream, which a surprising number of people were eating.

And we got to talk people’s ears off about transportation, which is what we love to do. It was funny because the road in front of our booth, Manitor Boulevard, was full of ruts and potholes so it was a perfect illustration of what we’re trying to get across with our Horizon 2040 plan, that’s there’s a HUGE need for maintenance all over the area, even in the affluent areas. And conversely, there’s not much money to accomplish it. So what’s the solution? I don’t know, so feel free to weigh in.

There are more pics from last night’s event on SRTC’s Facebook page, so check them out. And if you’re not following us on FB already, please do so. I’m not above groveling and with my annual evaluation coming up, if I don’t get some more followers, well, I just don’t know what could happen.

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