A celebration of life and benefit for the family of David Squires will take place tomorrow. Squires is the Spokane man killed when hit by a car on his bike last week in downtown Spokane. Here’s more information on the event from the Spokesman-Review.

In the meantime, a ‘ghost bike’ has been placed at the site where Squires died. And a lot of people are questioning what it will take to keep something like this from happening again. Many people are using this incident to point out the advantages of local jurisdictions adopting ‘complete ctreets’ policies. SRTC is in the process of educating our Board, and working with other local groups to educate local elected officials, on the complete streets movement. Here’s more information on complete streets. And here is an article in the Inlander that came out today about Squires’ death and the state of bicycling and walking in Spokane today.

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