Things are getting ugly on the east coast. People are getting angry and scared as gas is rationed and the weather gets cold. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered rationing of gas sales in 12 New Jersey counties while Governor Andrew Cuomo sought to boost supplies in New York to help reduce miles-long lines at filling stations.

President Barack Obama also took steps over the weekend to alleviate the region’s fuel shortage, including waiving a law that ordinarily permits only U.S.-flag tankers to move refined products between U.S. ports.

About 1.2 million customers in New Jersey remain without power five days after Hurricane Sandy and are lining up for gas to fuel generators.The power outages have also shut down many gas stations. As a result, vehicles with license plates ending in odd numbers can be fueled on odd- numbered days, while those ending in even numbers can get gas on even-numbered days, starting at noon today. And police are on hand to enforce the order. Bloomberg Business Week has more on the fuel shortages and resulting issues.

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