Children who live close to Trent Elementary School have been bused for years because there is no safe way for them to cross busy Pines Road. The Spokane Valley Herald reports though that that may change if a new traffic signal is installed at the intersection of Pines and Mirabeau Parkway.

The city has matching funds – provided by the developer of the nearby apartments that house many of those kids – and now just needs to secure state funding.

That project, and others, could be funded through state Transportation Improvement Board funds that have been made available for this region. The traffic signal is a strong contender because the project is shovel-ready and due to the high traffic counts in the area.

It would also help Mirabeau Ranch residents living farther south have better access to their neighborhood. Traffic stopped at the light will give cars a chance to get on and off Pines from Grace and Buckeye avenues. A left-turn lane for drivers headed northbound on Pines at Grace is also being eyed.

Other Spokane Valley  projects that could receive state funding include:

  • Road-preservation work on McDonald Road between Eighth and Mission avenues.
  • Reconstruction at the intersection of Sullivan Road and Euclid Avenue.
  • Reconstruction at the intersections of Mullan and Argonne roads on Broadway Avenue.
  • Sidewalks on Bowdish Road between Eighth and 12th avenues near Opportunity Elementary School. Additional sidewalks on 11th Avenue on the south side of the street between Bowdish and Wilbur roads are also being considered.
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