The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has just released the 2014 Washington State Freight Mobility Plan, which says investing in our freight system is key to growing local and state economies.
Washington’s multimodal freight
transportation system supported 44 percent of the state’s jobs and $123 billion
in total imports and exports in 2012, according to the plan. However, the state’s highways,
bridges, short-line railroads and waterways continue to face challenges caused
by delayed maintenance, increased congestion and global competition.
If you’re interested, but don’t want to read a full report, or you want to see more of what’s inside before committing to reading the full report, here’s what the plan features:

  • A series of YouTube
    that put a face on workers’ and residents’ use of freight
  • An interactive
    illustrating the facts and figures of the state’s freight
  • An executive
    explaining the key findings and recommendations of the
  • The full
    , which makes the economic case for preserving and improving the
    state’s multimodal freight systems. 
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