A while back I watched a friend’s toddler for a weekend. We needed to go to the store or something, so I struggled for 20 minutes trying to install her *&^%$ car seat. I have a college degree but this was beyond me. Needless to say, a lot of swearing was done in the process.

Her mom finally came to pick the child up after the weekend and we’re switching the car seat from my car to hers. And the child starts swearing a blue streak because she’d seen me do it. Oops. That took some explaining.

My point though is that, you may be of above average intelligence, but those crazy car seats still win every time. That’s why there’s a free child car seat safety check tomorrow at Wal-Mart in Airway Heights from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bring your seats and vehicles and have a team of nationally certified technicians go over the equipment and the proper use of it.

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