Four new traffic cameras are being installed along U.S. Highway 195 in southwest Spokane that will be monitored in the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC) that’s located inside the SRTC office.

The new cameras join a network of almost 100 cameras already being watched across the county. It’s not just SRTMC operators who watch the cameras though. You can too on your computer or smartphone, to check traffic conditions.

The new cameras will be at Qualchan Drive, south of Meadowlane Road, at the Spokane city limits near Hatch Road and at White Road. In addition to providing video images, the equipment includes traffic data monitors that can read traffic flow and alert crews when backups occur.

Here’s a link to a Spokesman-Review article on the cameras, and here is a link to the SRTMC website where you can watch traffic cameras from all over the area.

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