A big thanks to Spokane Airports for hosting Felts Field Neighbor Day this weekend! We were there to talk to people about transportation and it was a great event! There were antique planes, modern helicopters, toy pedal airplanes, an electric train and all kinds of other things to see and do. Plus people were pretty interested in what’s happening in transportation so we got some really good feedback. A lot of people we talked to are pushing for the North Spokane Corridor to be completed. One couple want a bike lane striped on Day Mount Spokane Road. One gentleman wants to bring back the passenger train that used to go to the small towns south of Spokane. And another man used our bike map to find a route to walk home. He had walked eight miles to get to the event and was looking for a different route home! Here are some of the sights from the event.

This plane was so cool when it took off! Very loud too.

This was the hangar where we had our booth so I didn’t
get severely sunburned like I do at most events.

Lots of cool old planes and there were ‘pinup’ girls
to go with some of them!

The TSA explosives dog was a sweetheart.

Mallory talking about future transportation
projects with a nice gentleman.

The man in the vest is Larry Krauter, CEO of
Spokane Airports. I was impressed that he
worked the whole day at the event when he
could have had his staff do it. He was also
as excited as a little kid because he got to ride in
one of the planes during the missing man formation!

This kid took about five minutes to choose
just the right piece of candy to take.

I want one of these in adult size please.
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