If you are a follower of transportation happenings, you know that a new federal transportation funding plan was approved last year, called Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21). One provision of  MAP-21 added many existing roads to the federal system to incorporate principal arterials not previously included. Previously 160,000 lane miles, the NHS will expand to about 220,000 lane miles.

So, good thing or bad thing you ask? Well, this move will impact the design, operations and maintenance of those roads. It could result in raising speed limits, and precluding compete street enhancements like traffic calming features and pedestrian safety improvements. Federal funds can be used to maintain the roads once they’re in the NHS however.

Transportation Issues Daily has more on adding to the NHS, and more pros and cons. Plus there’s a link to a map to see what roads in our area have been added.

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