Plain old white crosswalks are so 2014. King 5 News is reporting that the city of Seattle announced Monday that residents there can now apply to get a special painted crosswalk in their neighborhood. As an example, in June, rainbow-striped crosswalks were installed on Capitol Hill in honor of LGBT Pride Week.

Entries will be selected based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Suggested location: the location must already have a marked crosswalk
  • Pavement condition: pavement in good condition helps the paint bond
  • Design: must include two white horizontal stripes with standard design and reflectivity, designs can only contain horizontal or vertical strikes, no text or symbols allowed

Seattle says the cost of the crosswalks is usually $25 per square foot, but varies based on the length of the sidewalk, the design, and how the installation will interfere with traffic. Painted crosswalks generally last 3-5 years.

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