Trakdot locates missing luggageSo it’s not unusual for an airline to lose your luggage when you’re travelling right? Especially if you have a layover and you make your next flight but your bags don’t. A new device can help with this situation. The Trakdot is a tracking device that’s about the size of a deck of cards and powered by AA batteries. You throw it in your suitcase, and when the bag doesn’t show up on the carousel at the airport, you can check its’ location via an app, text message or email.
So in theory that’s a great idea. The one flaw I see though is on the airline’s end; are they going to take the word of some device you claim is in your luggage as to the location of your suitcase, and are they going to be motivated to actually check that location. It’s worth a try though. The LA Times has the details.
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