When I’ve used Lyft, it has generally been to get home after an evening out on the town or to get to a
place I wouldn’t want to leave my car for an extended amount of time. Such as the airport or bus station. Apparently, that’s not how most people are using the service though. It turns out that Lyft passengers need to get to Mexican restaurants and to and from transit stops.

Fortune says that Lyft this week revealed the winners of its first annual “Lyftie Awards” for local and national categories, such as most visited restaurant and coffee chain. Mexican restaurants took the top spot nationwide and Lyft found that its passengers often use its service in order to get to (and from) transit stops, which include bus stops and train stations. In fact, according to the company, transit stops were the most popular destination for its riders in 2015.

A Lyft spokeswoman says passengers often use the service during bad weather so they don’t have to walk from the transit stop, or use it to get to major transit hubs (such as Caltrain in San Francisco, Penn Station in New York City, etc.) instead of closer transit stops that aren’t easily accessible.

The company used anonymized passenger data to tally up each city’s top destinations

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