A drivers license is so 2010. What you want is an Undrivers License. An Undrivers License is a card you get when you make a pledge to drive less and find alternative ways to get where you’re going other than driving alone. You can walk, ride your bike, ride the bus or get around by any other method that doesn’t involve driving. Not only will you save money on fuel and car maintenance, but you also help the environment and improve your health by walking or bicycling to work, or maybe walking to the bus stop. And it’s just fun to get your Undrivers License.

Spokane County’s Commute Trip Reduction Program bought the equipment to make Undrivers Licenses so a group of agencies can share it for public events. At this point, it looks like it’s “unveiling” may be at the Earth Day event in Riverfront Park in April. Hopefully we can get it out and about sooner than that though. Here’s how it works, as demonstrated by our new Transportation Planner Amanda:

Step 1: Fill out the pledge agreeing to drive less

Step 2: Have your picture taken with the props of your choosing. Amanda walks to work everyday and rides her bike in good weather so she chose a bike helmet and a shoe. Not two shoes, but one.

Step 3: Your card gets laminated and- wa la!- you have a license to undrive!

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