Following two years of record snowfalls, the City of Spokane is rolling out a revised approach to snow removal as a pilot project for the 2009-10 snow season. It’s designed to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians, ensure emergency responders can reach citizens, and enhance movement for pedestrians and motorists.

As part of the plan, the City has purchased 11 additional truck plows and committed to enhancing snow removal efforts, including on sidewalks. In turn, citizens and business owners will be asked to follow parking restrictions and keep sidewalks, vehicles, hydrants, and storm drains clear of snow.

Some of the changes will require citizens to move parked cars off all arterials and STA fixed bus routes or require them to park on one side of the street in residential areas to allow plows to open up streets better. An enhanced approach to sidewalk snow removal would eventually require tickets for those who failed to comply.

Here’s more information on the snow plan, including a fact sheet, a FAQ sheet, and information on how to submit comments on the plan.

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