Francis Avenue from Division Street to Haven Street- A project to rehabilitate Francis Avenue from Division Street to Haven Street begins today, March 25. Francis from Crestline to Haven is closed to traffic. That will continue into June, and then work will move to the Division to Crestline section. This project will also include installation of curb ramps as needed.
Eight and Ninth Avenues Water Transmission Main- This project is continuing. Sherman St. at Eighth Ave. is now open with a temporary patch. Eighth Ave. from Chandler to Hatch streets and Hatch St. from Eighth to Ninth avenues are closed. The overall project includes replacing existing water transmission mains and line and installing new lines in Eighth and Ninth avenues from Division to Cowley streets; Eighth Ave. from Chandler to Hatch streets; Chandler St. from Eighth to Ninth avenues. Work between Division and Cowley was completed in 2012; all 2013 work is east of Cowley.

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