Spokane’s City Council tonight will discuss Photo Red cameras and traffic calming projects. A portion of the money that comes in from tickets issued to people caught on camera running red lights goes to projects that make the streets safer, such as crosswalk lights, “bump outs’ that extend the sidewalk into the street giving pedestrians a shorter distance to cross the street and other items. Tonight the council will vote on a resolution to include LED lighting, pruning of trees or bushes in the right of way, flashing School Zone signs and “street furniture” (that’s what the notice said that I received- I’m thinking it refers to benches) as items the Photo Red funds could pay for. As always at Spokane City Council meetings, there is opportunity for members of the public to express their opinion so if you have input on this you’d like to share, feel free to attend the meeting at City Hall starting at 6 p.m.

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