than 400 people paid off more than 2,000 overdue parking citations during the
60-day Parking Amnesty Program, according to a news release just sent out by the City of Spokane.
May and June, 443 people paid 2,046 past due parking citations at a value of
$89,445. Many waited until the last week when 948 of those tickets were paid.
Paying those tickets during the Parking
Amnesty Program
saved those drivers more than $74,298 in collection fees
and $22,000 in interest, plus the possibility that their cars could be impounded.
will be sent this week to people who still have four or more overdue parking
tickets informing them that they are now eligible for the Boot-and-Tow Program,
which begins this month. That group accounts for approximately 18,000
outstanding citations and $900,000 in citation fines, collection fees and
active parking citations going back 10 years totaled 76,000 past due citations
and $3.9 million in fines, fees and interest. Fees and fines account for
approximately half of both values.

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