The intersection of 4th & Maple

City of Spokane crews start work tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to revise signal
operations at the intersection of 4th Avenue and Maple Street.
Changing the eastbound and westbound signal phases to operate independently is expected to resolve some congestion issues at that intersection.

Currently, the eastbound and westbound signal phases
operate simultaneously. During peak evening hours, this can cause
some traffic backup due to a large amount of eastbound right turns and westbound left
turns. Sometimes, this results in traffic on the westbound off ramp at Maple
and Walnut backing up onto Interstate 90. From now on, the signal phases
will be operated independently at all times to address this issue.
Starting Tuesday, crews will place the signal in flash
while they change out the existing overhead three-section signal heads to
four-section signal heads. During a ‘green phase,’ a green ball and green arrow
will be illuminated so motorists know they no longer have to yield to oncoming
traffic when turning.  The City will also post ‘Signal Revision Ahead’
signs for 30 days. 
Work is expected to be completed during the day

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