The group Friends of the Centennial Trail has finished a mapping project that will make it easier for you to navigate the trail. The project included:

 Redesigning the
Centennial Trail printed map
available for purchase on the Friends of the Centennial Trail website ( or at REI, N. 1125 Monroe Street.
 Launching a new, free
Centennial Trail Google map
that can be found on the
Friend’s website. 
 Updating the Friends of
the Centennial Trail website
to host
the Google map, memberships and ways for the public to support the completion
and maintenance of the Centennial Trail.
information on the 20 Centennial Trail bulletin boards
found along the 37.5 mile span with consistent
posters showing the updated map, rules/etiquette/safety, supporting entities,
contact information and the website URL to find the Google map.  Posters
will be installed by June 30.
 The project was done as a “green” way to help the public use the trail. Because people can use their smart phone or the maps on trail bulletin boards, there is no need for them to print a map. The project was sponsored by Greenstone Homes, Potlatch, REI
and Starbucks.
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