I can’t wait until the trail looks like this again.

Congratulations to Friends of the Centennial Trail! The Spokane River Centennial Trail is featured on the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy website as their February “Trail of the Month!”
The article on the website talks about how the trail runs four nearly 40 miles through eastern Washington, then connects with 24 more miles of the trail on the Idaho side.

It also gives the history of the trail and how U.S. Congressman Thomas
S. Foley was instrumental in it’s creation, and how he crossed party lines to work with Larry Craig (R-Idaho), to secure federal funding for the
connecting trail in Idaho. At the time, that was unprecedented.

Here’s the article on the Rails to Trails site. It even includes an article from Steve Worley, an Engineer for Spokane Valley and member of SRTC’s Transportation Technical Committee (TTC). Turns out, Steve has a way with words that some might not expect from an engineer.


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