Last week I blogged about the best cars for teenagers, so this week I’ve got the best cars for seniors. I’ve never thought about it, but apparently a car that adapts to a lack of flexibility or muscle strength and is comfortable at the same time could be a challenge to find.

AAA says seniors should look for the following features depending on their medical conditions:

• Drivers suffering from hip or leg pain, decreased leg strength or limited knee range of motion should look for vehicles with six-way adjustable power seats and seat heights that come between the driver’s mid-thigh and lower buttocks. These features make it easier for drivers to enter and exit a vehicle.

• Drivers with arthritic hands, stiff fingers or diminished motor skills benefit from four-door models, thick steering wheels, keyless entry and ignition, power mirrors and seats and large dashboard controls with buttons. These features reduce the amount of grip strength needed and reduce pain associated with turning or twisting motions.

• Drivers with diminished vision or problems with high-low contrast will find vehicles with auto-dimming mirrors, large audio and climate controls and displays with contrasting text helpful. These features can reduce blinding glare and make controls and displays easier to see.

So which cars fit the bill best? AAA looked at a LOT of vehicles and ranked them.

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