Drive an electric car? You will have less risk of running out of power after Avista Utilities recently installed a new fast charging station in Rosalia. According to the Spokesman-Review, a fast charger only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to recharge a car, versus several hours for a normal charger

The charger is located at the Texaco Visitors Center at the corner of Whitman Avenue and Sixth Street. It also includes a Level 2 charger that is slower than the fast charger but still quicker than plugging into a normal electrical outlet. The fast charger costs 30 cents per minute while the Level 2 charger is free.

Two more fast chargers will be installed in Pullman and Spokane by the end of May to complete the commute corridor. The installation of the charging equipment is part of a two-year pilot program. There will be an additional four fast chargers installed along commute corridors in the next 18 months, including one in Liberty Lake.

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