At our last SRTC Board meeting, Spokane City Councilmember Jon Snyder said that there has been 17 fatal collisions (whether auto, bike or pedestrian-related) in the City already this year. That’s a big jump from most years. And a major problem.

A lot of cities have similar problems apparently, including Los Angeles. And while there is a lot of effort being put into trying to prevent fatal collisions (safety projects, education campaigns, adding bike lanes, etc.), L.A.’s mayor is taking a different approach. The Los Angeles Times reports he’s hiring an artist to address the problem. Yes, an artist.

The mayor is taking applications right now for an artist who will join a team of transportation planners and engineers to work on a project called Vision Zero, which calls for eliminating traffic fatalities by the year 2025. It’s not really clear at this point though exactly what the artist’s role will be, except that he or she will be expected to have “constructive ideas that non-artists might not have through of themselves.” It should be interesting to see what they come up. 

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