Pines from Trent to Mansfield – Southbound curb lane will be closed
from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday for signal work. Pedestrians
should use the sidewalk on the east side of Pines.


25th Avenue Construction- Work on 25th
Avenue begins today from Freya Street to Rebecca Street. This project includes paving and curb,
sidewalk and swale installation.

Euclid Ave. Water Main Replacement Work- One
lane will be open in each direction from Napa to Crestline. The project will replace the current water
main with a 30-inch water main in Euclid Avenue.  The new main will begin
at Euclid & Mayfair and continue to Crestline, with a jog to the north
around Gonzaga Prep.

Crestline Rehabilitation Project- This project will replace
a 24-inch steel water main with a 36-inch ductile iron water main in Crestline
St. from 57th Ave. to Thurston Ave. then continuing to 37th
Ave. via Stone and Lee Streets.  In addition, Crestline St. from 44th
to 53rd will be brought up to complete streets standards, including
curb, sidewalk, and storm drainage.

Freya Street Sidewalk Construction- Freya from Ben Burr to 18th
Street will have traffic restrictions for sidewalk construction. There will
be delays due to one way direction of traffic at a time.

Third Ave. from Division to Arthur- Work to rehabilitate Third Avenue from Division east to Arthur
continues.  The project also includes replacing a 12-inch water
main.  One lane of traffic remains open, and local access to businesses is
maintained.  Work will continue into October.

14th Ave. from Lincoln St. to Grand Blvd.- This
project will rehabilitate 14th Avenue from Lincoln to Grand

Division St. DMS, Maple/Ash and Third Ave.- This project
involves the construction of digital information signs over the roadway at 9
locations.  There will be intermittent lane closures at these locations
during installation now through mid-September:

and Cozza
Place and Division
and Division
and Division
and Maple
and Maple
Holmes Boulevard and Cedar
and Adams
and Bernard

Rockwood Blvd. Rehabilitation- A
project to rehabilitate Rockwood Boulevard from Cowley to Southeast
Boulevard and Upper Terrace Road from Rockwood Boulevard to 17th Avenue
continues.  Work currently is being done on Rockwood from Southeast Blvd
to Garfield and on Upper Terrace Road.  Those sections are closed to
through traffic; local access will be maintained.


Memorial Motorcade- On Monday, July 8, around 2:30
p.m., westbound drivers on Interstate 90 between downtown Spokane and the SR
902/Medical Lake Interchange should be alert for slow traffic, stopped traffic,
on-ramp closures, and delays.  Law enforcement personnel will be escorting
a memorial motorcade for Firefighter John Knighten from the Spokane Convention
Center to the Veteran’s Cemetery near the City of Medical Lake.  The
motorcade is expected to enter westbound I-90 at the Maple Street on-ramp.

Keller Ferry Service Interuption- The Keller Ferry
across the Columbia River will be out of service from midnight, Sunday, July 7th
until late afternoon on Wednesday, August 14th drivers should plan
their travels using alternate state routes.

SR 27/32nd Ave. to Trent Ave.- Be alert for
lane restrictions between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.  Pedestrians also should be
alert for sidewalk restrictions when ADA ramp work is under construction or
curing.  Grinding and paving operations will take place during evening and
overnight hours. 

SR 291/Division Street to the Stevens County Line- Be alert for
lane restrictions between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.  Pedestrians should be alert
for sidewalk restrictions near intersections when ADA ramps are under
construction or curing.  Grinding and/or paving work may be underway and multiple
locations.  All major roadwork on this project will be underway during
evening and overnight hours.  Utility cover work is also underway. 
No major daytime restrictions planned.

North Spokane Corridor/Francis Avenue Bridge and
Intersection Improvements-
Left turn movements at the
Market/Francis intersection are not allowed.  Right turns are
OK. Expect congestion and long delays near the Francis Avenue and
Market Street intersection, especially during the morning and afternoon commute
hours.  In addition, westbound motorists on Francis should be alert for
flaggers directing traffic near the BNSF railway crossing to make sure westbound vehicles don’t block the nearby rail tracks. 

I-90/Division Street to Liberty Park- Intermittent shoulder closures in the vicinity of
the I-90/Hamilton Street Interchange. This project will replace conduit, poles, wiring, and light fixtures
including installing luminaires on I-90 from Latah Creek to the Hamilton

I-90/Altamont Street Interchange to Havana Street- Possible intermittent eastbound
or westbound right lane restrictions for landscape trimming.

US 195/Cheney-Spokane Road Interchange- Be alert for trucks crossing the highway during evening and
overnight hours.  In general, northbound US 195 is reduced to one through
lane in the vicinity of Cheney-Spokane Road.  Northbound drivers need to
use Qualchan Road to access Cheney-Spokane Road.  Northbound drivers
should be alert for possible congestion and slowing traffic.  The
southbound off ramp to Cheney-Spokane Road is now closed so drivers will need
to be alert for southbound highway traffic slowing to make right turns into
Cheney-Spokane Road.
I-90 @ Geiger Blvd., Division,
Custer, and University Variable Message Signs-
Drivers should be alert for multiple lane
closures on westbound I-90 between the Argonne Road and Pines Road interchanges
during evening and overnight hours July 8-10 to replace five existing electronic signs.    Drivers should
be also be alert for lane restrictions on eastbound I-90 in downtown Spokane,
near Division Street, during evening and overnight hours July 11-12.

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