Some train passengers were a little put-out when they heard recently that Amtrak is going to crack down on on a policy that’s gone unenforced for many years; a $20 charge for each piece of extra luggage. That’s according to the Marketplace website.

Before you get excited though, consider that “excess luggage” is considered anything over 250 pounds of suitcases, bags, boxes or whatever else you bring aboard. That’s right, 250 pounds. Amtrak allows each passenger to bring up to 250 pounds. And many do. Our office is in the same building as the Amtrak station and believe me, I have seen people with so much luggage that I thought they were moving.

In comparison, most airlines won’t even let you bring your first bag on free anymore. And each bag can cost between $25 and $35 to take with you. 

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