So maybe we don’t have the vision to make light rail a reality in our area, but the next generation might. A local engineer sent us this picture her 10-year-old son, Roberto, drew. You can click on it to make it larger so you can see the detail.

Roberto is apparently a nut for transportation, and I’m guessing he gets that from mom, or from spending time at her office (it looks like this picture was drawn on a white board which leads me to believe he may have been killing time while mom finished work).

Not only is Roberto an artist, he’s also very detail-oriented. How many kids do you know who include the capacity of a vehicle in their drawings? And he deals in kilometers, which means he’s already more advanced than me. The best part though? The train with the destination of ‘El Pasco.’

Why do I have a feeling Roberto is going to be my boss some day?

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